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April 19, 2022

SberSolutions Together With Dbrain Have Automated Hiring of Employees

April 19, 2022, Moscow – SberSolutions, the leader* in the scope of business process outsourcing in Russia, has automated the procedure of hiring employees with the use of an artificial intelligence development. The new technology extracts data from applicants' documents and turns it into electronic ones. The solution was implemented based on the development of Dbrain, the winner of the Sber international accelerator -Sber500.

As a result, SberSolutions managed to increase the speed of processing and checking documents by HR specialists by 3 times, which makes it possible to implement clients' tasks within short deadlines. Scans are automatically loaded after recognition in 1C with the already filled fields. An employee needs to compare the result with the initial data and proceed to further steps in hiring.

Currently, algorithms are being finalized in order to automate the recognition of even more complex documents, including certificates 182n, STD-R and a paper work record book. In addition, in the future it is planned to recognize not only Russian documents, but also documents of applicants from Kazakhstan.
Stanislav Nefedov
CEO of SberSolutions
"The introduction of a recognition technology is another step towards the digitalization of the company. The technology has not only accelerated the recruitment process, but also, thanks to the prioritization of tasks, had a positive effect on the quality of work in general, so in the future we plan to continue optimizing the implemented workflow processes and use the solution in the accounting documentation".
Aleksey Khakhunov
CEO and Co-Founder of Dbrain
"After passing the Sber500 accelerator, our company began cooperation with SberSolutions. This made it possible to work out new cases and tasks that help to develop and improve technologies based on the artificial intelligence. In the future, we also plan to work with the company and look forward to successful and fruitful cooperation".
SberSolutions (formerly Intercomp) is a leader in business process outsourcing and financial consulting in Russia and the CIS*.

The company has been working for more than 27 years with the largest Russian and international organizations in all sectors of the economy, and over 30,000 entrepreneurs use SberSolutions services for small businesses.

SberSolutions provides accounting and reporting services, HR and change management services, legal and tax services, advice on operational performance, back-office outsourcing, technology solutions, IT consulting, as well as security and business continuity services. It is a partner of global outsourcing.

SberSolutions was established based on Intercomp which was founded in 1994.

*According to RAEX ranking for 2021.

Dbrain - retrieves data from documents via API. Thanks to the joint work of AI and people, it provides high-quality recognition, accelerates the client's business processes and closes even the most complex tasks. They help companies in Russia, USA, Colombia and other countries.