The Federal Service for Labor and Employment has proposed for consideration another 28 checklists for employer inspections

Oksana Oleksyuk, Head of Business Development at Intercomp

The Federal Service for Labor and Employment (Rostrud) has put forward for consideration 28 checklists in addition to the 107 checklists approved at the end of 2017. The new questions will mainly deal with material liability rules, health and safety requirements for certain businesses, training and vocational training organization, and guarantees for teaching staff and trainers.

Oksana Oleksyuk
Head of Business Development at Intercomp

Rostrud has been using checklists since January 01, 2018. Moderate risk category employers can already now be inspected on the basis of checklists. A list of high risk companies has been posted on Rostrud website. When companies are not in this list, this means that their risk category is below average. If there is any doubt, an official request for clarification could be submitted to Rostrud.

Checklists are tables consisting of three columns: questions to employer, regulatory subject matter/document and answer column. The answers to be provided by employers should be as simple as possible (yes, no, not applicable). All checklists are divided into three major inspection categories: HR issues, wages, and health & safety.

“The checklists for 2018 chiefly cover employee hiring and dismissal procedures, work schedule and vacation documentation. Traditionally, inspectors paid close attention to issues related to the timeliness of payments and salary scales, incentives and disciplinary actions, provision of payslips, etc.” explained Oksana Oleksyuk, Head of Business Development at Intercomp.

The draft Rostrud order for a greater number of checklists will be subject to public hearings until April 10, 2018 inclusive, and it will be possible to make requests and ask for clarifications up until that date. This document should then be signed and forwarded to the Ministry of Justice for registration. According to Russian Government Decree No. 1080 dated September 08, 2017, all scheduled labor inspections will, as early as June 01, 2018, be conducted under the new rules, i.e. using checklists.

The introduction of checklists confers a number of advantages to employers. One of the main advantages noted by our experts is the exclusion of additional questions unrelated to the inspection subject and the possibility of self-check before any official inspection offered by Rostrud service Electronic Inspector

Although the use of checklists reduces the so-called human factor risk arising from the fact that inspectors can forget or skip a number of mandatory questions, the changes introduced in 2018 also increase employers’ liability.