On October 13, Moscow hosted the annual conference Business Practice 2016. The event was organized by Intercomp as part of the regular thematic meetings initiated by Russia’s major outsourcing provider.

The conference, which featured sessions for CFOs and HR directors, attracted over 150 guests. Speakers included Intercomp experts, specialists from the companies that use financial and HR outsourcing, as well as representatives of the Russian Federal Tax Service and the State Labor Inspectorate of Moscow.

At the end of the Business Practice, the guests were asked to evaluate the topics that were discussed: the new rules of payment of wages and bonuses (Federal law No. 272-FZ), changes to the tax code regarding insurance premiums (Chapter 34 of the Russian Tax Code), regulations for the accounting for travel expenses in multinational companies and the news about taxation of branches were chosen as the most interesting.

All the presentation slides and video recordings from the conference are provided for free, please send your request to marketing@intercomp.ru.