Monthly digest: September 2017


September 2017


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By September, usually most companies already have a clear idea of their financial performance for the year overall, and they begin budgeting for the following year. In doing so, businesses need some benchmarks that are helpful to prepare sound budgets and back them up in front of shareholders.

What will be affected by the next round of US sanctions, at what level are oil prices set, to what extent will the ruble exchange rate fluctuate and why no leapfrog GDP growth is expected?

We present a review of “The Russian economy and the ruble: main forecasts for 4Q2017 and key budget benchmarks for 2018” with comments from Stanislav Skakun, Intercomp Financial Director.


Analytics, knowledge, trends


Outplacement in Russian companies

In this article we will address the following topics: how common is outplacement in Russian companies, outplacement pros and cons, who gains from it and why.


Submission of tax returns. Fines and ways to minimize them

The list of reporting to be submitted to state authorities contains more than 1,000 reports. A reporting form has been developed for each of them, as well as a procedure for filling them out. Deadlines for their submission have also been set up. We explain how to submit all reports and avoid fines.


Criminal liability for non-payment of social insurance contributions by legal entities

Company heads will be liable from August 10, 2017 for non-payment of social insurance contributions and subject to sanctions ranging from fines from RUB 100,000 up to imprisonment for up to 6 years. We describe what has changed since the entry into force of Federal Law N 250-FZ and offer relevant recommendations to businesses.


How to protect the rights of companies subject to Rospotrebnadzor inspection?

Almost any companies regardless of their legal form may be subject to Rospotrebnadzor inspections. We explain what to do in case of complaints about inspections or their outcome.


Special offer on Recruitment services


Intercomp is pleased to offer 17% discount for Recruitment services.

HR services Intercomp provides to Russian and international companies:

  • Executive search and selection;
  • Management selection; Executive search;
  • Interim management selection;
  • ​​​​​​​Selection of contract or interim staff (For a period of 6 months or more).

The offer for companies that have not used the recruitment services before is valid until September 30, 2017. Please send your queries to


Webinar on inspections from the State Labor Inspectorate


September 7, 10:30 a.m

We invite you to a webinar on “How to prepare for and pass inspections from the State Labor Inspectorate".

Participation is free, registration is required.



  • Description of labor inspection process and what needs to be done at each stage.
  • Typical violations.
  • Liability for violation of labor law.
  • Rights of employers subject to inspection.
  • ​​​​​​​Our recommendations: how to prepare for inspections from the State Labor Inspectorate.

Our webinar is intended for HR managers, CFOs and CEOs.

Please note the webinar will be held in Russian and we encourage you to forward this invitation to your Russian-speaking colleagues who might be interested in this topic.


Intercomp library


A review of Focus. The Future of Your Company Depends on It by Al Ries.

Studies of merged companies show that following a merger most companies end up with increased turnover and decreased profitability.

Why do strategies intended to diversify business or seek synergy are often self-defeating? Al Ries answers this question based on the example set by the development of the largest American corporations.

Focus is a book intended for business owners and managers in charge of development. This book challenges M&A investment consultants as it questions certain asset purchase transactions intended for business expansion. Ries also discusses whether umbrella brands, which bring together unrelated products or services under one name, are worth setting up.


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