Monthly digest: October 2017


October 2017


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Modern companies are looking for new methods that will help them increase business adaptability, beat the competition and maximize productivity.

A flexible approach to project management has proved to be effective first in IT companies, and it is today actively used by even the most conservative market players, namely banks and financial consultants.

To find out why the demand for Agile is growing, the extent to which this methodology is applied in Russia and understand whether it would be suitable for your business, read the article Agile. Efficient and flexible by Mariya Paysina, Head of Marketing.


Analytics, knowledge, trends


Use of cash register equipment: Reporting exemption

Companies switching to online cash registers will be “exempted” from tax reporting. We describe the particularities and the pros and cons of this new development.


New rules for personal data processing

Liability for violation of personal data processing has been significantly increased since July 01, 2017. We will look at what needs to be done to avoid receiving a warning from Roskomnadzor and how to secure one’s business under these new circumstances.


Trade secret. Protection and consequences of disclosure

We examine the concept of trade secret and describe the information that may or may not constitute trade secret. We also explain how to such information may be protected and the liability provided for disclosure of trade secret.


New service from the Federal Tax Service. Individual assessment of tax risks

The Federal Tax Service intends to launch in 2017 a new online service that will make it easier for companies to check new counterparties and identify shady partners. We will review a list of assessed risks, the pros and cons of this new service as well as give some recommendations.


Conference Business Practice, October 19, Moscow


It is with pleasure that we are inviting you to Intercomp Business Practice, a conference dedicated to issues related to strategic business administration, financial and HR management.

October 19, Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow

During this conference, we will review the changes in the law, provide recommendations to CEO, finance and HR directors as well as hold informal business discussions.

The speakers will make their presentation in Russian with simultaneous translation so our English-speaking guests are more than welcome.

Participation is free. Pre-registration is required.

Register here

Webinar on Webinar on how to choose a reliable counterparty


October 5, 10:30 a.m

We invite you to a webinar on how to choose a reliable counterparty.

Participation is free, registration is required.


We review the critical risks arising from working with unchecked counterparties and explain how to minimize possible adverse consequences.


How to check counterparties before conclusion of a deal?
How to avoid possible adverse consequences?
Review of a new service offered by the Federal Tax Service to check counterparties
​​​​​​​How do companies verify their tax risk?

This webinar is intended for company executives, financial directors, chief accountants, and sales directors.

Please note the webinar will be held in Russian and we encourage you to forward this invitation to your Russian-speaking colleagues who might be interested in this topic.


Intercomp library


Jared Diamond received the Pulitzer Prize for Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies, and Bill Gates considers that this is one of the most important books any manager should read.

This book reveals clearly and in a well-argued manner the key factors of the development of societies (peoples, countries, companies, etc.)

Why some societies have achieved a greater level of prosperity and economic success while others have not is the main question addressed by Jared Diamond in his award-winning book.

“If you set out to achieve maximum innovation and competitiveness, you need neither too much cohesion nor too much fragmentation. You need your country, industry, industrial region or company to be divided into groups competing with each other while at the same time maintaining a relatively free communication among them.”


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