Monthly digest: June 2018

June 2018


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We make decisions logically: we seek to derive the greatest benefit and avoid unnecessary risks. Classical economics at the very least are based on these views, but real life is much more complicated than this economic model, and our decisions are often unpredictably irrational.

We act intuitively in routine situations, but what if we suddenly need to make an important business decision? Take on or decline a particular project? Accept or reject a specific proposal? Purchase or not purchase a competitor’s company?

Ilya Panteleev, CEO of Intercomp, spoke about two choice systems, the “black swans” of Taleb, and a sign that can be used to check out any choice.


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7 practical tips for checking counterparties properly

Even bona fide companies may be a part of numerous tax schemes, and doing business with such companies could result in large financial losses and increase the risk of disputes with tax authorities. Counterparties therefore need to be checked properly. We offer 7 practical tips to help identify male fide counterparties, or rather make sure that you are dealing with reliable partners.

VAT increase in 2018

A bill for increase of VAT up to 20% was presented to the State Duma on June 16, 2018. We explain why we think that now is the ideal time for such reforms. We also describe the measures that should be expected from the government and why these changes are important for business.

Online cash registers: Changes from July 01, 2018 onwards

A bill proposing to amend the new procedure for use of cash register equipment was passed on June 21, 2018. In this article we provide a brief overview of the main changes so that you know what to expect.


Tax inspections. How tax authorities’ approaches to control has changed following the introduction of VAT Automated Control System 2 and Tax Automated Information System 3

The tax reforms introduced over recent years were primarily aimed at improving tax administration, and as a result, the shadow economy has substantially reduced. Thanks to the introduction of these systems, VAT is now the tax that is the most easily administrated. We reveal pros and cons for taxpayers.


According to one of the latest surveys of the Gallup Institute HR specialists fulfill a “vital and essential role” and can improve work quality for staff by 33%. However some companies tend to optimize their HR functions through external contractors as well as outsourcing services. How are then allocated HR functions, and which companies can operate this way?


Intercomp is №1 in payroll outsourcing in Russia


Intercomp group of companies is first for payroll, HR recordkeeping and HR management among the largest accounting outsourcing companies and groups in Russia.

The international rating agency RAEX (Expert RA) compiled another ranking in 2018 based on company revenue data for 2017.

The accounting outsourcing market showed record growth in Russia over the past few years. The total revenue of the largest providers as per the current ranking for 2017 amounted to 9.6 billion rubles. Over 90 companies were surveyed for this year’s ranking, and for most of them payroll is one of the main services they provide.


Webinar on how to avoid mistakes in contracts for supply, provision of services and licenses


We're pleased to invite you to the webinar on how to avoid mistakes in contracts for supply, provision of services and licenses.

July 29, 10:30 am

Participation is free, pre-registration is required.


Webinar program:
• How to avoid invalidation of contracts and rejection of penalty;
• How to reduce accounts receivable and risks of buyer’s bankruptcy;
• How to withdraw from a contract without financial consequences;
​​​​​​​• How to avoid disputes over jurisdiction; • Practice analysis and recommendations.

This webinar will be relevant to financial directors, chief accountants, contract specialists, sales managers and lawyers.

Speaker — Ivan Katyshev, Head of Legal Services Group.

Please note the webinar will be held in Russian and we encourage you to forward this invitation to your Russian-speaking colleagues who might be interested in this topic.

All the best,
​​​​​​​The Intercomp Team