Monthly digest: June 2017


June 2017


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There are thousands of SSC in the world, whether multinational or regional. Over a third of the 100 largest companies in Russia have already set up SSC.

HR, IT, purchasing and financial functions are transferred to SSC. It helps to reduce cost, improve quality and manageability, enable business scalability.

Liya Peklenkova, COO at Intercomp, talks about world experience in SSC introduction, main advantages for business and models of cooperation in the article "Shared Service Centers: World trends for 2017".


Analytics, knowledge, trends


3 threats to companies on the labor market and 7 ways to overcome them

A description of the conditions in which companies are left in the current labor market, how to deal with income loss and how to significantly improve business performance.


Labour accounting and payment during holidays

How is work on days off paid? When are employees required to work on public holidays? In what cases is an order necessary, and in what cases is it sufficient for the work schedule to be brought to employee attention? We review the rules of the Russian Labor Code and some examples.


What effect reducing number of audits will have on companies

In Russia, there are about 200 types of company inspections. The government is planning to optimize this number. Will this plan be implemented succesfully, and how will a reduction in audits affect business?


Employment period confirmation for insurance pensions accrual simplified

We outline the changes to the rules for calculating and confirming length of service for pensions and how they affect pensions.


Tax risks in corporate operations

This is a comprehensive analysis of the types of tax risks and ways to minimize them.


Has labour market revived nowadays?

A certain recovery was noted on the market this spring. What is it connected with and what specialists are particularly in shortage?


Webinar on indexing wages


On May 24, 2017, Oksana Oleksyuk, Head of Business Development, conducted a webinar on Results of the 1st quarter of 2017. Indexing wages or not?

This topic was all too relevant to the webinar attendees. Many questions were asked during and after the event. We are pleased to share a video with our digest readers and hope that the webinar materials will assist with any related business issues you may have.

Please note: webinar was held in Russian.

For more information on our next events, please go to our Press Center. We look forward to seeing you among the attendees at our next events!


Guide for employment of highly qualified specialists



  • Requirements for employees and employers upon hiring of foreign HQS.
  • Work permit for HQS procedures.
  • Mandatory notification upon hiring of HQS.
  • Changes to HQS work permit.
  • Work permit extension.
  • Liability for violation of immigration laws.
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Intercomp library


It's Okay to Be the Boss by Bruce Tulgan

A lively and practical book with no clichés (“Do it once, do it twice, repeat after me and you will be happy + bonus at the end!”) recommended by Mariya Paysina, Head of Intercomp Marketing Department.

Tulgan shares many years of experience and lessons learnt with hundreds of executives from various companies. He also describes how to communicate effectively with each team member, how to introduce consistent changes, and how not to give in to the pressure of passing discontent and everyday routine.

The author has debunked standard manager myths:

  • People work best when they are left alone and allowed to self-manage;
  • The only way to be strong is to act like a tyrant, but I want to be a good guy;
  • Strong external factors such as bureaucracy, corporate culture, management, limited resources hold managers back;
  • I am not a naturally gifted manager;
  • There is not enough time to manage people;
  • Etc.

Business Practice Conference in Almaty


Intercomp helds Business Practice conference in Almaty on June, 8.

During this event, we will review the changes in the law, provide recommendations to CEO and HR directors as well as hold informal business discussions.

Our conference is intended for HR directors, top managers of Kazakh and foreign companies.

All Intercomp events are available at our press room.

In case you have office locations in Almaty or interested in this event, please ask Intercomp’s marketing team for more information about conference:

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Intercomp team