Monthly digest: July 2017


July 2017


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The expression “emotions have no place in business” is nowadays heard less often in offices of executives as practice shows that the ability to recognize and control our and other people’s emotions helps achieving better work performance.

Researchers have found that annual profit figures of all subdivisions of companies managed by executives with high emotional intelligence are 20% higher than planned.

To find out more about the concept of emotional intelligence, the 5 key skills of an emotionally intelligent person, world expert advice on this matter, and more, read the article on Emotional Intelligence by Maria Paysina, Head of Marketing Department at Intercomp.


Intercomp – No. 1 in RAEX ranking for Financial Management and Consulting


Intercomp has been ranked first among the largest Russian companies engaged in financial management and consulting by Expert RA and features in the list of the largest groups of consulting companies in Russia.

Ilya Panteleev, Intercomp General Director, comments: “Staying No. 1 on the market is an objective that requires continuous work to improve quality and speed, offer more services, create more added value for clients, as well as introduce advanced IT services and technologies.”


Analytics, knowledge, trends


Russian market overview: sales, investments, HR trends

The IMF and UN experts forecast that Russia’s economic growth should reach 1.5% in 2017. Expenditure will remain at the same level, while business conditions will also remain fairly tough. Where will investments go and where will costs be cut in 2017? Will salaries stop growing and what about staff layoffs?


Electronic sick leave certificates. Expectation and reality

Electronic sick leave certificates will be introduced everywhere in the Russian Federation from July 01, 2017 onwards. This is intended to make life easier for polyclinics, patients, the Social Insurance Fund and employers. We also describe the details of these changes and address issues left unanswered by the new legislation and not yet clarified by the authorities.


Amendments to the Russian Labor Code

We clarify the amendments to the Russian Labor Code concerning part-time work and rules for calculating and paying work on weekends and public holidays.


22/22 Tax Policy

22/22 tax policy entails a reduction in social insurance contributions from 30% to 22% as well as an increase in VAT from 18% to 22%. We analyze the consequences that could arise for businesses as a result of such changes: who will benefit from the plans of the Ministry of Finance?


Social insurance contributions administered by the Federal Tax Service

The Russian Government has transferred social insurance contributions to the tax payments. Since January 1, 2017 the Federal Tax Service is fully entitled to audit the accrual and payment of insurance contributions for 2014, 2015, and 2016. Intercomp expert talks about companies that are at risk and what actions should managers undertake.


Liability of Head of Company

The liability of company executives has significantly increased in recent years. We describe the types of liability and the consequences of violation of civil, administrative and criminal law.


Webinar: how to prepare for state inspections


July 13, 10:30 a.m

In 45 minutes, we will explain how to properly draw up HR and salary documents and how to pass state inspections with minimum investment of internal resources.

Free of charge but subject to compulsory registration.



  • Inspections: by whom, when and how can your company be inspected?
  • Inspection process;
  • Liability for violation of labor law;
  • ​​​​​​​Our recommendations: how to prepare for an inspection;

Intended for: heads of companies, HR directors and managers, chief accountants.

Speaker — Oksana Oleksyuk, Business Development Manager

Please note: webinar will be held in Russian.


Intercomp library


The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson

Recommended by Alexander Gurevich, Intercomp Commercial Director

The authors of Sales Champions advice on how to work with clients today: be persuasive, challenge their setup, and ask “uncomfortable” questions. Ultimately, clients will be grateful for such actions as they save time because decisions are made faster that way. One of the reasons why customers decline to do business is because meetings are leading nowhere.

After reading this book, it becomes easier to know where to look for “sales champions”, how to train them properly and, of course, how to successfully sell with an excellent team.


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