Monthly digest: February 2018


February 2018


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The international association of independent research agencies Gallup International found that the happiness index in Russia was higher than the world index for the first time in many years. In the 41st annual global end of year survey conducted by Gallup International, 55% of Russians said that they were happy.

The survey showed that the happiness index is not dependent on income level. This is confirmed by the observations made by Intercomp Macroeconomic Research Center as happiness level has outstripped the salary growth rate in Russia.

So what makes us happy? You can find out in the article There is Happiness and It is in Russia by Maria Paysina, Head of Marketing Department.


Preparation of reports on controlled transactions for 2017


The reports on controlled transactions for 2017 should be submitted to tax authorities by May 20, 2018.


Controlled transactions are cross-border transactions between related parties (participation of one organization in another).

Our assistance

– We help with the collection of source data on controlled transactions for 2017;
– We prepare reports;
– We submit reports to tax authorities.


It is important to note that preparing reports on controlled transactions does not release from the annual obligation to prepare documentation for controlled transactions justifying arm’s length prices in controlled transactions. The documentation for transactions made in 2017 must be ready by June 01, 2018.

If you would like to request the preparation of reports and documentation for controlled transactions, please send an email to


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Business trip abroad: Intricacies of accounting

We look into the expenses incurred during business trips abroad and the intricacies of inviting foreign nationals to the Russian Federation. How to pay bonuses, how to document business trip cancelations, how to account for the expenses incurred in foreign currency, and other issues are addressed in this article.


The Key Drivers of the Russian Market

CEEMEA Business Group considers that Russia has the potential to become one of the best performing market in the world within the next 5 years. The Russian economy needs fundamental reforms. Localization or innovation – which way is right? Read about the key issues of modern business and GDP growth prospects in Russia.


President of Russia has signed a law on salary in currency for workers abroad

The law has already entered into force, and now Russian companies are no longer required to pay their employees working abroad by transfer to accounts in Russian banks. In this article, you will find out how it used to be and what changed.


Employers’ liability for foreign employees is about to be increased

Previously, employers who invited foreign nationals to work in Russia had to provide only work as well as working and living conditions. Organizations could be subject to liability of half a million rubles for violation of new requirements of the law. In this article, you will find out who will be affected by these new amendments to the law and how to avoid fines.


Webinar on labor inspections in 2018


We share a video of a webinar on Labor Inspections. What Will Change in 2018?

Oksana Oleksyuk, head of business development department, describes how employers should aptly coordinate their HR management work and prepare for labor inspections. We also describe how to work with the checklists from Rostrud and give an overview of a new service known as Inspector.


Please note our webinar was held in Russian and we encourage you to forward this record to your Russian-speaking colleagues who might be interested in this topic.

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