Monthly digest: April 2018


April 2018


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War for talent has been a relevant theme for many years. Experts predict that it will be even more so in Russia within the next 5-10 years.

Demographic data confirm these expert forecasts: The pool of applicants will be reduced by approximately 10%, and the greatest decrease is expected in the group of 25 to 39 years old. In other words, we should not expect plenty of educated, efficient, energetic young employees on the labor market in the next 5-10 years.

In the article Legal Support for Employees: Why it Should be in Your C&B Package by Yuri Kolerov, you will find out about the benefits that help employers to stand on the saturated labor market and attract the best candidates.


Intercomp Business Practice Conference


Our traditional conference Business Practice was held in April in Moscow and in St. Petersburg.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that participated in these events. We are happy to see that more and more business, finance and HR professionals attend our conference every year.

Trends in the development of the Russian economy and labor market were discussed at these events. Our experts made recommendations based on current facts and projected conditions for business in Russia. They also gave an overview of key law changes and shared our clients’ experience with IT systems and state inspections.


You can find the presentations made at the conference on our website.

Visit our Facebook page if you would like to see some photos from the events and tag yourself as well as your colleagues!


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How to avoid subsidiary liability

An organization’s debts may, in some cases, be recovered from the organization’s founder or head. It would seem that this unpleasant procedure should apply only in case of bankruptcy, but this is not that simple. The law has extended the boundaries of subsidiary liability. Read this article if you would like to find out about preventive measures and the consequences of financial obligations.


Legal ways to reduce tax

The Russian Tax Code provides for the right to choose an optimal taxation method. But do all companies exercise this right? How does the state take business out of the shadow economy? When is it better to start engaging in tax optimization? This article outlines reliable and lawful ways of reducing tax.


Rostrud has submitted for discussion 28 new checklists for inspection of employers

There was 107, and now there will be 135 checklists for inspection of employers. All labor inspections will be conducted only with checklists already as of June 01, 2018. What questions are included in these checklists? What are the pros and cons of these new labor rules?


Foreign nationals staying in Russia temporarily will be able to get sick leave benefit

The procedure for issuance of sick leave notes has changed since April 10, 2018. Now, foreigners staying temporarily in Russia can get sick leave notes. Read this article if you would like to find out why having a sick leave not will not guarantee sick leave payment and find out about other nuances of this new bill.


General requirements for personal data protection


We would like to remind you of the internal documents that employers are required under Russian law to draw up and approve to ensure personal data protection.

1. Employee personal data regulations
2. Consent for personal data processing
3. Operator assignment order
4. Roskomnadzor notification

The law provides for liability for violation of the procedure for personal data processing in the form of a fine of up to RUB 75,000 imposed on legal entities.

We recommend that employers verify that approved documents for personal data protection are available and ensure that the provisions of these documents are observed in practice.

Should you have any questions on personal data protection please feel free to contact us by email


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