Legislative changes in Russia, Q1 2019

Intercomp released Review of the latest legislative changes in Russia, Q1 2019.


  • Confirmation of business trip expenses, new rules for the registration to a flight became effective on 25 February, p. 8
  • While providing online services a foreign organisation shall pay VAT, regardless of the date of advance receipt, p. 13
  • The Ministry of Finance has reminded, which VAT rate shall apply if works were performed in 2018, p. 17
  • Since 1 January 2019 changes regarding payment of property tax of organisations came into force, p. 19
  • There was reduced a coefficient of tax rate for expensive cars and was cancelled a benefit for heavyweights, p. 24
  • The Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia has reminded that since 1 January 2019 the scope of reports on waste depends on the class of waste and not on the company category, p. 37
  • The Ministry of Finance has clarified amendments to RAS 12/2000, p. 39
  • Procedure for the provision of a standard deduction on PIT for a child, studying full-time, up to the age of 24 years old, p. 41
  • There was corrected the list of payments, from which no alimony shall be withheld, р. 45
  • HR Records Management, p. 49
  • Important legal changes, p. 55

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