Legal support for employees: a new service for our clients

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new service for our corporate clients: legal support for employees who can now get legal advice 24/7.

This legal support works on the principle of “legal insurance” and may be included in the benefits offered by companies to their employees. If an employee needs advice on how to act appropriately in a particular life situation, he/she can directly contact one of our lawyers by phone or in writing. Such “legal insurance” allows employees to save time in resolving their personal problems, in particular, and get prompt and professional answers to any legal questions. This service allows companies to increase staff productivity, add value to their HR brand as well as retain the best employees.

In addition to getting advice, employees also have access to a database of articles with clarifications, recommendations and document templates (applications, complaints, claims) for ten areas of law (administrative, family, housing, land, inheritance, tax, migration law, consumer rights, military service, loans and debts).

This service is available on My Intercomp portal through which our clients’ employees can already receive payslips and order statements. Employees have an online account where all consultations, phone calls, recommendations and documents provided are recorded and stored.

“We have decided to apply a successful international practice by offering to our clients the possibility of including round-the-clock legal support in the compensation packages and benefits they propose to their employees. This is a new practice for Russian companies so this service will help our clients to stand out on a saturated labor market and compete more successfully for talents” notes Yuriy Kolerov, Director of Strategic projects at Intercomp.

This new service is already available to all Intercomp clients, and various service packages have been put together for different levels of employees.