Intercomp «Salary survey report» for 2016

We are pleased to present our annual Salary survey report for 2016 which was prepared by our Center of macroeconomic studies.

To prepare this annual salary report, we have surveyed more than 20,000 employees from more than 30 industries in all federal regions of Russia. The data in the report is broken down by positions and regions, as well as by payments of fixed salary, bonus, benefits, compensations and incentives. The report also provides a detailed analysis of remuneration levels and structure, as well as a comparison with the annual cost of living. No assumptions have been made, and all data used for the survey is supported by documents.

Our survey report also presents the figures for the salary changes that actually occurred in 2016, as well as an analysis of the hours worked by employees and absence from work.

Intercomp HR Director Ekaterina Ovchinnik gave an overview of the year’s results:

«To sum up the results of 2016, the decline in lay-off should be noted first of all. Most companies have already optimized their business processes and consequently their staff headcount. There were fewer lay-offs in 2016 than in 2014-2015, and we do not expect any lay-offs in 2017. We have also noted an average wage growth of 5.7% in 2016, and, according to our forecasts, this growth will continue to reach about 7% in 2017 compared to 2016.

Variable remuneration is a very popular tool which is used by most companies as its flexibility allows quickly responding to even the slightest internal and external changes by adjusting the income of key personnel in a timely manner. They are mainly paid in the form of performance related bonuses and bonuses for special achievements. Incentive payments made not in direct relation to work performance are less frequently encountered.»
Our annual salary survey report is useful for:
  • Making strategic HR decisions
  • Budgeting
  • Disputes with employees about salary amounts and compensation packages
  • Justifying salary increases to parent companies
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