Intercomp's year in review

Ilya Panteleev
General Director Russia and CIS

Dear clients and partners,

First of all, I would like to thank those who have been working with us for many years as well as those who joined us recently. The number of our clients is increasing every year, and 2017 was no exception. Here are just a few figures about the work we did together. In 2017, we: 

• Processed more than 798,000 pay slips;
• Made 1,270,161 settlements;
• Answered over 26,000 queries submitted by our clients’ employees;
• Published over 130 articles and reviews clarifying the intricacies of Russian laws;
• Held events attended by a total of 1,928 people.

Clients from countries and industries not yet represented by our existing clients joined us this year, and we also implemented interesting projects for major Russian companies. We thank you all for your trust.

We constantly work on ourselves to make sure that we remain worthy of your trust. Over the last 2 years, we have been intensely working on the automation and development of our online services. As a result, we launched in 2017 our new portal My Intercomp, which is a channel that can be used to communicate with us and which also offers additional services such as, for example, maintenance of time-keeping records, drawing up of expense reports, vacation planning, pay slip archiving, and more recently, legal support service to employees. We are pleased to see that the number of people using My Intercomp is growing day by day.

In 2017, we also implemented important internal projects to improve our performance: we introduced a ticketing system for flexible management of consultants and accountants, as well as document recognition technology that significantly speeds up the time for processing primary documents. We are grateful to those who first connected to these new services and helped us improve them.

We pay close attention to personal data processing and information security. In 2017, we became one of the best ADP Streamline® partners in the category Compliance & Security. We are the largest ADP Streamline® partner for outsourcing international payroll in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and we would like to thank our partner for its high rating of Intercomp.

On another note, the active growth of our regional subdivisions both in Russia and the CIS countries should also be underlined. For example, in 2017, our offices in St. Petersburg and Almaty in Kazakhstan showed excellent results. In 2017, we also decided to open a new subdivision in Georgia.

We will continue to focus on developing the IT component of our services in Russia and the CIS by setting up simple and convenient online services, simplifying communication and improving the quality of our work. A big thank you to everyone who participates in our quarterly client surveys as you help us becoming better.

On behalf of the whole Intercomp team, I would like to wish you a very happy upcoming New Year! I wish you prosperity and happiness to you and your close ones. I hope you will be able to rest well and gather strength during the festive season so that you come back refreshed and eager for new achievements.

May all your wishes and goals be fulfilled in 2018! 

Happy New Year!