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From 2019 onwards auditors will forward to tax authorities all supporting documents for payment of taxes

Tax authorities will be able to access almost all documents previously protected by the principle of audit confidentiality as specified in Federal Law N 307-FZ On Auditing.

Moreover, audit companies will not always able to inform their clients that they have been required to submit information to tax authorities as the Federal Tax Service may prohibit auditors to inform their clients about such request.

We recommend preparing for annual external audits more thoroughly in 2019, and if necessary conducting a quick review of tax accounting and accounting to ensure the correctness of accounting and identify possible tax risks.

Elena Rybnikova Head of Internal Audit, Expertise and Methodology Department


Analytics, knowledge, trends


Employers should inform the Ministry of Internal Affairs when their foreign employees do not live at their registered place of residence

The information that should be submitted, when and how is not yet established. It is also unclear whether such notification will be a right or an obligation for employers. We highlight what should be done before the adoption of these regulations and describe the penalties imposed on employers for non-compliance with the established procedure.

Stricter requirements for commercial transportation from December 21, 2018 onwards

Please note: New amendments to the law on road safety will enter into force on December 21, 2018 so from that date onwards employers will be required to take additional safety measures upon commercial transportation of passengers and/or cargo. These amendments will also introduce some changes to related HR recordkeeping.

The summer vacation season is coming to an end. What to do with missing employees?

How to request an explanation from an employee whose whereabouts are unknown? What disciplinary action can be taken against missing employees? What methods can be used to return employees to their usual working rhythm? In this article, you will find the most common violations and ways to deal with them.


Changes in tax accounting


Here is a review of changes in the Tax Code. Many amendments will become effective as early as September and October this year, and the main ones are as follows: abolition of tax on movable property, fewer controlled transactions, more organizations will be eligible to apply for VAT refund, etc.

Federal Tax Service entitled to void tax returns

Tax authorities can void the tax returns of organizations which show some signs of fly-by-night companies. We describe what to do if the tax return of one of your counterparties is voided and how to challenge the rejection of tax returns.

VAT 2019. The latest for foreign companies providing e-commerce services in Russia

Foreign companies providing e-commerce services in Russia will be required to calculate and pay VAT themselves. We explain which companies will be subject to this law and describe what needs to be done.

Oksana Bocharova, Deputy Chief Operating Officer


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Yuriy Kolerov, Head of strategic projects


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