Intercomp in the list of largest consulting groups and companies in Russia in 2017

Intercomp group made it to the list of the largest consulting groups and companies in Russia in 2017. This list is compiled every year by the agency RAEX (Expert RA) which is the largest Russian rating agency with 20 years of experience on the market.

Ilya Panteleev
General Director

According to RAEX survey, the market of consulting services showed in 2017 record growth over the past 10 years. This is mainly due to companies striving to improve their performance by setting up proper processes, introducing new technologies, and digitizing. Survey respondents have noted a growing customer interest in projects related to automation and use of machine learning technology, mathematical analysis, and Big Datа.

We can confirm this trend as noted by Intercomp General Director Ilya Panteleev: “Business is looking for solutions combining traditional consulting and outsourcing with a strong IT component. We think that the role of IT is extremely important, and considering the growth in client demand for provider quality and performance, it can only grow.”

170 companies were surveyed for the 19th annual rating of the largest consulting groups and companies in Russia. The total revenue of these groups and companies was in 2017 97.1 billion rubles which represents a record increase of 10% in a year.


For more detailed information on the results, evaluation methods and rating participants, please visit RAEX website.