Intercomp group of companies was ranked No. 1 in RAEX rating of the largest accounting outsourcing companies and groups at the end of 2016

The group of companies Intercomp was ranked 1st in RAEX (Expert RA) rating of the largest accounting outsourcing companies and groups at the end of 2016 as published in 2017 (by revenues derived in 2016 by the consulting companies that participated in the rating).

Ilya Panteleev
General Director Russia and CIS
The RA Expert (RAEX) analytical project was launched in 2009 and every year describes the overall condition of the accounting outsourcing market in Russia. This is one the most authoritative and independent analysis of this market. Indicators of growth in performance and development are used to identify market leaders, and, this in turn, allows customers to choose a reliable outsourcing partner, while the companies ranked receive an independent confirmation of their market position.

2016 was a successful year for Intercomp group of companies, which fulfilled its corporate goals and increased its number of clients with more and more Russian companies in addition to foreign companies which are traditional customers on the outsourcing market. “We see that the demand from Russian companies for outsourcing services is growing rapidly. And that’s why we develop with our clients effective models for provision of services taking into account the needs of Russian customers” says Ilya Panteleev, General Director of Intercomp.

To ensure the provision of high quality services and a proactive approach to clients, we have implemented important internal projects intended to improve performance: a new ticketing system has been introduced to ensure flexible management of the work of consultants and accountants, and the portal My Intercomp has been devised to ensure efficient processing of incoming documentation.

The growth in revenues and strengthening of market position experienced by Intercomp is due not only to the company’s constant work on quality, but also to the combination of consulting and IT in the services we offer. “The main outsourcing market trend in 2016 was a change in customer needs in terms of composition and models of services. Today, high-tech services are developing at much greater rates. In addition to traditional services - payroll, accounting and HR recordkeeping – there is also demand for convenient portal services for employees and for coordinating work between clients and outsourcer consultants, as well as requests for additional HR applications (for example, solutions for management of benefits, cloud services for timekeeping and vacation planning). Realizing this, we focused more in 2016 on developing the IT aspect of our services” comments Ilya Panteleev, General Director of Intercomp.

The government’s objectives to optimize processes and develop the digital economy can also significantly contribute to the development of the accounting outsourcing market. Our management forecasts that the demand from ministries and agencies for centralization of accounting through outsourcing will grow. This model has already proved itself in several industries and regions, and its positive effects are trickling down extremely quickly in this segment of the market.

Ranking results and analytical review can be found on the website of RAEX (Expert RA) group.