Intercomp group of companies was ranked No. 1 in RAEX (Expert RA) rating of financial consulting in 2017

The group of companies Intercomp was ranked 1st among the largest consulting groups in Russia in 2017 by the international agency RAEX (Expert RA) rating of financial consulting in terms of revenues derived in 2016. 

Financial management is one of Intercomp’s key activities. We were the first in Russia to offer financial outsourcing services in 1994, and we have kept our leading position in this field ever since. Intercomp also features in the list of the largest groups of consulting companies in Russia.

Ilya Panteleev
General Director Russia and CIS
Ilya Panteleev, Intercomp General Director, comments: “Financial consulting is currently enjoying well-deserved recognition in most countries. The world market volume amounted to USD 70 billion in 2016, having grown by almost 4% compared to 2015. The Russian market grew by 7%, but we should not forget about the inflation, the great number of unforeseen changes putting pressure on business, and a difficult economic situation overall. All these factors force customers to approach strategic projects cautiously, carefully review cost effectiveness and impose stringent requirements on suppliers. Staying No. 1 on the market is an objective that requires continuous work to improve quality and speed, offer more services, create more added value for clients, as well as introduce advanced IT services and technologies.”

Expert RA (RAEX) has been the largest rating agency in Russia for 19 years. The analytical project Russian Consulting has been running since 1996. It is one of the oldest and most authoritative research of the Russian consulting market, and it allows participants to get an independent confirmation of their market position. The agency ratings are used by the Central Bank of Russia, Vneshekonombank of Russia (Foreign Trade Bank), the Moscow Stock Exchange, professional associations and self-regulatory organizations, as well as companies and state authorities entering tenders and competitions.

The group of companies Intercomp was ranked 1st in RAEX (Expert RA) rating of financial consulting in 2017. The group of companies Intercomp is the largest in terms of revenues derived in 2016 among the companies that participated in the rating. For more information on the results, evaluation methods and rating participants, please visit