Information bulletin, Q2 2018

Intercomp released Review of the latest legislative changes in Russia, Q2 2018.

  • There was signed a law, enabling to account costs for employees leisure on the RF territory in the scope of profit expenses: p. 8
  • VAT: there was determined a list of primary goods: p. 11
  • Some positions of the Classification of Fixed Assets, included into depreciable groups, were specified in a new version: p. 16
  • Since 14 May control under currency transactions was tightened: p. 18
  • The FTS has approved a list of foreign states (territories) for the purposes of performing automated exchange by country reports: p. 21
  • There was adopted a law on improvement of new procedure for cash register equipment appliance: p. 22
  • Failure in the accounting program can be recognised as a “calculation error”: p. 39
  • There was changed the procedure of migration accounting of foreign citizens working on the RF territory: p. 40
  • New GOST on documents execution came into force since 1 July: p. 41
  • Important legal changes: p. 45

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