The Key Drivers of the Russian Market. Comments from Business Sectors

The Russian market has the potential to be one of the better performing ones in Europe and globally (in the top 10) over the next 5 years. Presentation slides of CEEMEA Business Group provide you with a comprehensive discussion of the key drivers behind business trends including an update of our annual economic forecast to 2022 as well as survey finding for business results in Russia across sectors and comparing Russia with other CIS and CEE markets.

What are the key business issues on the agenda?


Executives joke that whenever you make a presentation on Russia should simply read: digitisation, innovation and efficient growth. Other executives respond that it should read: localisation, diversification and efficient growth. The common denominator is of course “efficient growth” but market share should not be ignored.

What’s the GDP growth outlook?

Many western and Russian commentators argue that the economy needs fundamental reform. However, one wonders how the Russian people would cope with another dose of western/IMF reforms as conducted in the 1990s. One underlying problem is easy to show: even before Crimea and the oil price slump, investment and industrial, output started to decline in January 2013 and this continued for the next 4 years into 2017 (but there are signs now of an upturn).

This time, due to tight fiscal and monetary policies, the consumer is jaded and tired and not able to act as the booming motor for the Russian economy. This is why this time round, the sub-par growth looks like digging in until at least 2022 or to 2025. This is the real “new normal”.

CEEMEA Business Group provide an easy-to-read quick analysis of several key business sectors, which includes quotations and commentary from senior executives in those sectors:

  • CEE Business Survey December 2017. Priority markets for the next 3 years.
  • CEE Business Survey December 2017. Sales/profit for 2018 by country.
  • Russia/CIS Business Survey November 2017. Sales 2017 and Budget 2018 by industry.
  • Russia/CIS Business Survey November 2017. Sales 2017 and Budget 2018 in local currency.
  • Central Scenario - 2018 economic outlook (oil averages USD 55-65).
  • Macro-economic indicators 2011-2022.
  • The consumer products sector.
  • The pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.
  • The B2B sector. 
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