Review of ratings of fastest-growing companies and outstanding top managers

It was reported in another review conducted by our partner CEEMEA Business Group that the Russian market could become one of the best in Europe and in the world in the next 5 years. Despite serious economic challenges, the Russian market remains one of the most attractive as it still promises organic growth of sales around 5-13%, good profitability and a “place under the sun” for both international brands and Russian start-ups.

A curious report titled 50 Fastest-Growing Companies in Russia was published in RBC recently. This is the 4th year that this list is compiled by RBC, and it is very different each time with new stars making their appearance every year. Three companies made a net profit margin of more than 20% in 2016, and their average revenue growth amounted to about 40% in 2016. The rating composition has changed by more than 70% with 36 newcomers making it to the rating list. The industry cross-section has also changed: if a year ago the largest sector by revenue was Oil and Gas, this year, more than half of total revenue came from Retail Trade.

RBC Top 10

Revenue per year in million rubles

Industry  2013 2014 2015 2016
1 Bamstroyput Infrastructure construction
1.134  7.321 15.422 20.576
2 United Railcar Company
3.071 17.057 42.088  48.505 
3 VkusVill    Retail
2.299 4.918 12.331 18.491
4 IRE-Polyus High tech 3.141 4.834 10.625  16.357 
5 Yzhniy Tsentr
Agriculture and foodstuff
4.005 6.917 9.166 20.316
Petersburg Tractor Factory
Transport    2.808  3.910 7.002 12.398
7 Kruganstalmost
Infrastructure construction 4 272
5.110 9.825 17.200 
8 Farmasintez
Medicine and pharmaceutics 2.004 3.887 6.344 8.597
9 Auto-Trade
1.875 3.530 4.964 8.044
10 Yuta-NN
2.165 3.395
4.424 8.769

We should also note another highly-regarded business publication. In its latest issue, Harvard Business Review (HBR) published its raking of the 100 best-performing CEOs in the world. Today, companies from the S&P Global 1200 Index and their heads provided they have managed their company for at least 2 years are taken as basis for the HBR rating.

3 criteria are used to evaluate the performance of CEOs:

  • Comprehensive income of shareholders adjusted for the country;
  • Comprehensive income of shareholders adjusted for the industry;
  • Change in market capitalization in US dollars taking into account inflation.

Unlike RBC rating of fastest-growing companies, HBR list is surprisingly similar to last year’s. Two out of 3 top rated kept their place, 16 out of top 25, and 72 out of top 100 also kept their rank, while 23 people have been rated in the top 100 for 4 consecutive years.

HBR Top 3

  1. Pablo Isla, Inditex (Spain);
  2. Martin Sorrel, WPP (UK);
  3. Jensen Huang, NVIPIA (USA).

If you would like to review the full ratings, you can do so there:

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