Online cash registers: Changes from July 01, 2018 onwards

By Elena Rybnikova, Head of Internal Audit, Expertise and Methodology Department

A bill proposing to amend the new procedure for use of cash register equipment was passed on June 21, 2018. Below we provide a brief overview of the main changes so that you know what to expect.

Elena Rybnikova
Head of Internal Audit, Expertise and Methodology Department

The use of online cash register equipment will be mandatory for almost everyone from July 01, 2018. Even legal entities and/or individual entrepreneurs will need to issue receipts for non-cash or cash settlements between themselves.

You will find more detailed information below.

The list of organizations and individual entrepreneurs required to issue receipts from July 01, 2018 has been extended so the following organizations and individual entrepreneurs will need to acquire cash register equipment:

  • Organizations and individual entrepreneurs making electronic settlements with individuals through online banking using systems such as Client-Bank, Internet-Banking and Mobile Banking;
  • Companies and entrepreneurs with hired staff and operating in the catering industry;
  • Enterprises and individual entrepreneurs denied the right not to use cash register equipment due to changes to the concessional list under the cash register equipment law.
  • If you accept payments made using online banking systems such as Client-Bank, Internet Banking or Mobile Banking, you will need to purchase cash register equipment. In other words, any acquiring from individuals and legal entities must be made with a receipt like cash payments.
  • Exceptions

    However, because the switch to online cash registers was initially intended to be made gradually, some exceptions will still remain so, for example, entrepreneurs with no hired staff will be able to defer the purchase of cash registers for another year.
    Some exceptions are dependent on the type of activity so, if the activity performed by an organization or an entrepreneur is included in the list provided in Article 2 of Federal Law No. 54-FZ On Cash Register Equipment Use, then the use of cash register will not be required from July 01, 2018. These activities are:

  • Sale of printed products;
  • Sale of securities;
  • Sale of transport tickets;
  • Fair and market trade activities, etc.

  • It will also not be required to use cash register equipment for non-cash settlements between organizations and/or individual entrepreneurs except for settlements made with electronic payment facilities.

    However, switching to cash register equipment will be required if vending machines, payment terminals are used to perform these activities or to sell excisable products.
    Please feel free to contact us if you require further information on the use of cash register equipment.

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