Key Drivers of the Russian Market

It is reported in this review conducted by our partner CEEMEA Business Group that the Russian market could become one of the best in Europe and in the world in the next 5 years. Despite serious economic challenges, the Russian market remains one of the most attractive as it still promises organic growth of sales around 5-13%, good profitability and a “place under the sun” for both international brands and Russian start-ups.

Organic growth.PNG

This review will be useful for Russian local senior management and also for global, international managers because it provides a balanced and slightly positive view of the market:

- A list of the good things going on;
- Political risks;
- Which sectors are still struggling;
- Priority markets for business development for the next three years;
- Countries by revenue/profit expectations for 2017 and for 2018;
- Organic sales growth in Roubles, 2017 and budget 2018;
- Macro-economic indicators 2011-2022.

Download the review

CEEMEA Business Group works with over 5,000 executives from over 400 international and regional companies in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Thanks to our cooperation with CEEMEA, our clients receive first-hand top-quality independent cross-sectoral analytical reports intended for Russian top managers so that they can make well-informed strategic decisions.