Central Eastern Europe Benchmarking Survey

We are pleased to present you the Central Eastern Europe Benchmarking Survey results prepared by our partners, CEEMEA Business Group. 97 senior executives from CEE and CIS took part in the survey.

Key points

This survey findings stating that the CEE region is one of the best performing in the world, but challenges remain, of course. Some 90% of executives are optimistic or very optimistic about the regional outlook. 73% of companies plan to expand their operations in the CEE region in 2018-19 and 37% will invest in manufacturing in 2018-19.

Sales growth will rise for 30% of companies in 2019 while almost 50% will see stable growth levels. 82% of companies expect to meet their revenue budget in the region this year and 73% will make their profit budget.


Still, 19% will report negative growth this year and another 10% will see flat sales. But success usually means decent single-digit sales growth with 50% of companies managing this. Remarkably, 30% of respondents expect double-digit sales growth in the CEE region this year.

The trend is similar for profits with almost 20% of companies flat or negative, 62% hitting single-digit profit growth, 18% budgeting for double-digit profit growth. This is not bad!


Companies expect to be hiring most in Russia, Poland and Kazakhstan followed by the Czech Republic. Russia sees a lot of churn because it ranks No 1 for staff cuts. Wages are rising faster than in the West, but the base remains comparatively lower for white- and blue-collar workers.


Russia, Czech Republic and Poland see the highest wage rises above inflation levels. Russia, Poland and Turkey are the biggest volume markets and are the key strategic markets.

Download the review (.pdf)

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