Salary expectations for 2018

Alexander Gurevich, Commercial Director at Intercomp, and Alexander Safonov, Vice-Chancellor of the Academy of Labor and Social Relations, have together with Robert Urazov, General Director of Worldskills Russia Union been invited to take part in Andrey Levchenko’s program, Levchenko. Rakurs. These experts invited at RBK discussed live the changes expected on the labor market in 2018.


— Our analysts noted a slight growth in both staff number and wages, which remained at 2%-3% last year. The situation on the labor market changed radically in 2018. Only the demand for specialists in high technologies will grow at outstripping rates, shared Alexander Gurevich.

The other experts also supported the opinion expressed by Alexander Gurevich. They noted that major investments and a significant increase in actual demand would be necessary to change the situation on the market. In addition, fluctuations in the economy affect mainly the amount of wages, but not the level of employment.

The show host did not overlook a major trend on the labor market, i.e. the mass automation of business processes. The speakers unanimously considered the fears about staff layoff as a result of robot automation unfounded. Technological advances will reduce working hours and increase productivity, rather than reduce the number of vacancies. They also urged jobseekers to improve their skills and develop digital skills to remain employable on the labor market in the future.

— IT staff are much in demand at the moment due to a major trend which sees the automation of business processes in accounting companies. The demand for such employees is growing as are their salary expectations, summed up Intercomp commercial director Alexander Gurevich.