Guide for employment of highly qualified specialists

When employers or work commissioners in Russia hire foreign nationals as highly qualified specialists (further “HQS”), they benefit from a number of advantages that are not available to them when they hire foreign nationals as regular employees.


In particular, in such case:

  • Employers do not need to apply for an authorization to hire foreign nationals
  • Work permits and visa invitations are issued for HQS without quota
  • Work permits for HQS are valid for 3 years
  • HQS are not required to pass Russian language, Russian history and basic Russian legislative principles exams
  • HQS may be hired under an employment contract or a civil law contract
  • HQS may, as a general rule, be hired regardless of their education (special qualifications are required for HQS when the employer hiring HQS engages in retail trade activities)
  • Personal income tax rate for HQS is 13% regardless of whether or not they are a tax resident of Russia
  • HQS and their family members have 90 days from their date of entry into Russia to register with immigration authorities
  • HQS and their family members may apply for a residence permit
  • HQS family members may apply for a work permit without quota
  • General directors may be awarded the status of HQS, and Russian offices may therefore be supervised by foreign nationals.

We are delighted to inform you about a new Guide for employment of highly qualified specialists

  • Requirements for employees and employers upon hiring of foreign HQS
  • Work permit for HQS procedures
  • Mandatory notification upon hiring of HQS
  • Changes to HQS work permit
  • Work permit extension
  • Liability for violation of immigration laws

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