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Legislative changes in Russia, Q4 2018 Sberbank enters business process outsourcing market Business and Economic Numbers for the 2019 Budget Global economy on the eve of 2019 and impact of main development trends on Russia Monthly digest: October 2018 Quality management system audit for 2018 successfully passed The main problem with Russian companies is the lack of good managers 20% VAT. What to do in 2019? Intercomp conference Business Practice Employment in the future: What’s in store for lawyers, accountants and HR officers? Review of changes in the Tax Code Intercomp newsletter: August 2018 The summer vacation season is coming to an end. What to do with missing employees? Federal Tax Service entitled to void tax returns Stricter requirements for commercial transportation from December 21, 2018 onwards VAT 2019. The latest for foreign companies providing e-commerce services in Russia Welcome to Russia or what foreign companies need to know for a successful start in Russia From 2019 onwards auditors will forward to tax authorities all supporting documents for payment of taxes Employers should inform the Ministry of Internal Affairs when their foreign employees do not live at their registered place of residence 10 incentive ideas and perks offered by Russian companies to their employees Central Eastern Europe Benchmarking Survey Monthly digest: July 2018 Intercomp has undergone an audit of information security management system for 2018 Information bulletin, Q2 2018 A law increasing VAT up to 20% has been adopted and new social insurance contribution rates have been approved Request of personal data processing notification from Roskomnadzor Intercomp group of companies is outsourcing provider No. 1 for payroll, HR recordkeeping and HR management in RAEX rating Changes in Migration Law from July 8, 2018 Monthly digest: June 2018 Tax inspections. How tax authorities’ approaches to control has changed following the introduction of VAT Automated Control System 2 and Tax Automated Information System 3 VAT increase in 2018 How do companies without HR specialist get on? Online cash registers: Changes from July 01, 2018 onwards Important decisions are made slowly 7 practical tips for checking counterparties properly Intercomp in the list of largest consulting groups and companies in Russia in 2017 Russia Business review, Q1 2018 Rules for registration of foreigners during the FIFA World Cup 2018 — Reminder for hosts Tax free law introduced in Russia Data on taxpayers available on Federal Tax Service website New rules for registering foreign nationals during 2018 FIFA World Cup Amendments to currency regulation law and Russian Administrative Code to enter into force on May 14, 2018 Information bulletin, Q1 2018 Legal support for employees: Why it should in your C&B package Monthly digest: April 2018 General requirements for personal data protection Legal ways to reduce tax Foreign nationals staying in Russia temporarily will be able to get sick leave benefit The Federal Service for Labor and Employment has proposed for consideration another 28 checklists for employer inspections Intercomp Business Practice Conference held in Moscow How to avoid subsidiary liability Intercomp conference Business Practice 2018 Working for a foreign company in Russia: pros and cons Annual salary survey 2017 Changes in the Russian tax system KPI: Recording of personal achievements Employers to be fined for depriving employees of choosing their bank for salary payment Electronic sick leave notes: 5 problems on the way to simplifying accountants’ work Labor inspections Monthly digest: February 2018 Preparation of reports on controlled transactions for 2017 There is happiness and it is in Russia The Key Drivers of the Russian Market. Comments from Business Sectors Employers’ liability for foreign employees is about to be increased Business trip abroad: Intricacies of accounting President of Russia has signed a law on salary in currency for workers abroad The best business books according to Intercomp top managers Group of companies Intercomp has passed audit of conformity to SSAE18 standard Business trip abroad: Complex documentation Key interest rate cut. What should financial departments consider? Payment of dividends by OOO Is it possible to find work in off-peak season? Salary expectations for 2018 Intercomp's year in review Macro-economic data up to 2022 Most significant repeals made in 2017 Labor law changes to become effective in 2018 Important changes in 2018 Monthly digest: December 2017 Legal support for employees: a new service for our clients Economic prospects in Russia and other BRICS countries Review of ratings of fastest-growing companies and outstanding top managers Rostrud has approved checklists for compliance inspections Key Drivers of the Russian Market Federal Tax Service and Pension Fund online accounts — Guide for employees Currency control: New developments from March 01, 2018 Childcare benefit in case of part-time work Monthly digest: November 2017 Minimum wage increase Intercomp salary review: trends in the first half of 2017 Bobos in Paradise by David Brooks Intercomp «Business Practice» conference The last bastion: Does artificial intelligence represent a threat for accountants? Advice for the 2018 Russia Budget Monthly digest: October 2017 Agile. Efficient and flexible New service from the Federal Tax Service. Individual assessment of tax risks Trade secret. Protection and consequences of disclosure New rules for personal data processing Use of cash register equipment: Reporting exemption Monthly digest: September 2017 Intercomp library: Focus. The Future of Your Company Depends on It by Al Ries The Russian economy and the ruble: main forecasts for 4Q2017 and key budget benchmarks for 2018 Outplacement in Russian companies How to protect the rights of companies subject to Rospotrebnadzor inspection? Submission of tax returns. Fines and ways to minimize them Criminal liability for non-payment of social insurance contributions by legal entities Monthly digest: August 2017 Evolution of the role of CFO. Trends of 2017 Q&A about wage indexation Currency control: key points, liability and recommendations New rules for international exchange of tax data Q&A about the taxation of foreign representative offices and branches Electronic sick leave note Intercomp group of companies was ranked No. 1 in RAEX rating of the largest accounting outsourcing companies and groups at the end of 2016 Economics and Investment Monthly digest: July 2017 Intercomp library: The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson Social insurance contributions administered by the Federal Tax Service Emotional Intelligence 7 differences between public and commercial companies 22/22 Tax Policy Liability of Head of Company The President of the Russian Federation has signed Federal Law On Amendments to the Russian Labor Code Intercomp group of companies was ranked No. 1 in RAEX (Expert RA) rating of financial consulting in 2017 Russian market overview: sales, investments, HR trends Electronic sick leave certificates. Expectation and reality Labour accounting and payment during holidays Monthly digest: June 2017 Shared Service Centers: World trends for 2017 Intercomp library: Bruce Tulgan, It's Okay to Be the Boss What effect reducing number of audits will have on companies Tax risks in corporate operations Has labour market revived nowadays? Employment period confirmation for insurance pensions accrual simplified Monthly digest: May 2017 3 threats to companies on the labor market and 7 ways to overcome them What should be the focus of CFOs handling M&A? Review of the latest legislative changes in Russia, Q1 2017 Intercomp «Business Practice 2017» conference in Saint Petersburg Intercomp «Salary survey report» for 2016 8 Top HR trends in 2017 Intercomp «Business Practice» conference Guide for employment of highly qualified specialists Supply contracts with foreign entities THE TIME TO HOLD ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGS Intercomp salary survey: results of 2016 7 questions about opening a business in Russia OVERVIEW OF THE BUSINESS PRACTICE 2016 IN MOSCOW What Russian companies need to know about the “Google tax” law? TOP 100 Global Brands What projections can be trusted and what investments can be made in Russia? Trump, Ruble, Oil Prices and Russia’s Economic Outlook Changes in legislation affecting major and interested party transactions Legislative changes in Russia, Q1 2019