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June 17, 2021

SberSolutions launched the #CEOSTORIES Executives Club

June 17, 2021 St. Petersburg – SberSolutions (formerly Intercomp) have launched #CEOSTORIES club for TOP managers of Russian and international companies for whom we will organize regular meetings, events, conduct research and share expertise. A series of #CEOSTORIES events opened in St. Petersburg in ERARTA, the largest private museum of contemporary art in Russia. St. Petersburg International Business Association is the event's partner.

The first event of the series was held as a discussion on the topic Lessons from a New Reality and was moderated by Kristina Muravieva, CEO of Expert North-West magazine.

Top managers of companies actively operating in the North-West region were among the speakers of the panel discussion:

  • Natalia Podvoyskaya, CEO of SberSolutions Russia and CIS
  • Robert Mann, CEO, Ahlers Russia
  • Mikhail Kiyanov, Director of IKEA Parnas
  • Konstantin Mandelshtam, CEO, UNIFUD
  • Julia Kolesnikova, CFO, Ariston Thermo Rus

During the panel discussion, the speakers talked about their experience of managing a company in a pandemic: the difficulties they faced, how the approach to working with teams and clients was transformed, and how this affected the company's performance.

The speakers shared their experience in solving the problems that the crisis posed for their company. Many noted that flexible decision-making and employee engagement have helped their company streamline existing processes, find new growth opportunities, and perform better than in previous years. Remote work played a great role in adjusting companies' activities. The panel members talked about how they managed to switch to remote work and unanimously came to the conclusion that putting in place hybrid work – i.e. combining remote work with office work – had been a successful solution to improve work performance and maintain the continuity of their company's business processes.

Natalia Podvoyskaya, СEO of SberSolutions Russia and CIS:

"This difficult year has definitely taught us what flexibility is. We launched Here and Now products this year. We expanded our line of consulting services, assisted clients in ensuring their business continuity, and implemented the necessary IT solutions. The ability to listen and understand our employees and clients has also helped us a lot in quickly completing new products and improving existing ones."

Natalia also noted that switching to remote work helped speeding up the implementation of solutions that had already been actively developed to improve business performance:

"We had already tested back in 2019 monitoring systems, and the solution we were working on ended up being launched earlier due to the switch to remote work. We were able to set up transparent processes already in the first month. It was also important for us to maintain employee engagement and performance. We tried to balance the workload, and as a result, we ended up with a strong and tight-knit team."

The next #CEOSTORIES event will take place on June 24, 2021 in Almaty.
About SberSolutions

SberSolutions (formerly Intercomp) is the first company to have introduced business process outsourcing in Russia and is a leading provider of outsourcing and financial consulting services in Russia and the CIS. SberSolutions serves more than 1,500 organizations, including the largest Russian and international companies from all sectors of the economy. We provide accounting and reporting services, HR and change management, legal and tax services, operational performance consulting, back-office outsourcing, technology solutions, IT consulting services, as well as security and business continuity services. We partner with global leaders in outsourcing and are part of the Sberbank ecosystem.
SberSolutions was established on the basis of Intercomp Group which was founded in 1994.