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May 19, 2022

From Paper to Digital: SberSolutions Experts Recorded that Companies 4 Times More Often Began to Transfer to HR Electronic Document Flow

May 19, 2022, Moscow – Experts from SberSolutions, a leader* in the field of business process outsourcing, recorded growth of popularity of HR Electronic Document Flow (hereinafter – "KEDO") service in Russia and revealed an increased interest therein during the first quarter of 2022 by 125% compared to last year and by 400% (4 times) compared to the fourth quarter of 2021.

In the first quarter of 2022, KEDO was in the greatest demand in the Republic of Tatarstan - the region accounts for 20% of the total number of companies connected to the service. The second place was taken by the Nizhniy Novgorod region - 8%; the Volgograd, Kemerovo and Moscow regions account for 6% each, and the Leningrad region for 5%.

The analytics was collected based on the analysis of the company users' requests for 2021 and 2022.
Stanislav Nefedov
CEO of SberSolutions
«The significant increase of interest in HR electronic document flow can be explained by several reasons. The Federal Law No.377-FZ of November 22, 2021 amended the Labor Code of the Russian Federation in terms of electronic document flow and fixed at the legislative level the possibility and mechanisms for using HR records in the electronic form without duplicating them on paper. Now almost everyone can completely abandon paperwork in HR records management. KEDO is primarily of interest to companies with more than 100 employees and an extensive branch network. It is important for such a business to reduce the time of signing documents with employees, especially from other regions and working remotely, as well as to reduce the costs of document flow, which can be very noticeable. In addition, KEDO solves many business problems: it speeds up transactions, organizes quick receipt, sending, storage, search for documents, and simplifies the procedure for submitting reports to the controlling government authorities.»
SberSolutions experts calculated the effect of the project implementation when switching to KEDO. For example, the optimization of the cost of the function to support HR processes is up to 95%. Besides that, reducing paper consumption helps to contribute to the conservation of forests, water, energy and other resources.
Olga Olshevskaya
SberSolutions product development expert
«A number of HR documents, such as, for example, an employment agreement, have a long term of storage. Therefore, it is necessary either to place them to the archive, or to store them on the territory of the employer. In the second case, you need not only a separate room, but also the creation of special conditions (light, humidity, temperature, and so on). Archiving of electronic documents is much simpler and more reliable, since when archiving paper documents, they can be damaged as a result of external factors, such as fire, while electronic documents are stored on multiple carriers, which eliminates the risk of losing them.»
According to the expert, one of the important advantages in the application of KEDO is the elimination of the risk of signing a document by a third party. In case of applying KEDO, personnel documents are signed with an electronic digital signature (EDS), which clearly identifies the signatory. Signing of electronic documents is also possible in a mobile phone, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of HR documents flow.

All this not only simplifies the process of interaction between the employer and the employee, but also allows creating comfortable working conditions.
Olga Olshevskaya
SberSolutions product development expert
«It should be noted that transition to KEDO enables to optimize work with documentation by revising the life cycle of documents and determining the business processes in which they participate. Such a revision of the processes often makes it possible to abandon the usual documents, which are more likely to be drawn up out of habit than due to legal requirements. Also, the transition to KEDO contributes to the analysis of existing personnel processes, which makes it possible to identify risk areas, eliminate existing deviations and minimize the occurrence of claims from regulatory authorities during audits, as well as the risks of disputes with employees.»
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*Based on the results of the RAEX ranking for 2021

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