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August 26, 2021

Webinar | Personal Income Taxation: Difficult Issues

Tax changes in Russia ended up being substantial in 2021, affecting both individuals and companies.

As part of a webinar held on August 26, our experts addressed the main issues of personal income taxation that both individuals with different sources of income and HR specialists may face when working with non-resident employees.

This webinar is intended, in particular, for people who are often outside the Russian Federation, or have already changed their residency, have bank or brokerage accounts abroad, accounts in financial institutions (including insurance companies), or have stakes in foreign companies. Our experts also talked about the application of the 15% progressive rate for personal income tax.

  • Tax and currency statuses for individuals. What they affect and how to get them;
  • Tax and currency obligations for individuals, deadline calendar;
  • Foreign accounts: obligations and liability for account holders;
  • Complex issues of personal income tax calculation for residents: transactions with securities, receiving dividends from foreign issuers, deduction/offset of foreign tax;
  • Controlled foreign companies (CFCs): obligations of owners, taxation of CFC profits, difficulties in calculating adjustments to CFC reporting;
  • Taxation of income upon remote work abroad. For whom and how to calculate and pay tax, how such work affects tax deductions.
Ivan Katyshev
Head of Tax and Legal Practice, SberSolutions
Alena Kozlova
Senior Associate, SberSolutions