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November 25, 2021

Webinar | Full-time foreign employees: ins and outs of migration procedures

Russian companies that hire foreign employees must strictly comply with migration laws. During the webinar SberSolutions experts shed some light on the main risks that can arise for employers hiring foreign citizens. We described how to minimize those risks as well as how the Ministry of Internal Affairs conduct audits in 2021-2022. Our experts also outlined the measures that companies could take to prevent the imposition of fines.
On November 25, 2021 during the webinar, our experts reviewed in detail:

  1. What the risks for companies with foreign employees? Why is it necessary to audit compliance with migration laws?
  2. Review of common mistakes made when handling migration formalities.
  3. How do the Ministry of Internal Affairs conduct audits, and how to prepare for them?
Dalia Demina
Head of Legal Practice, SberSolutions
Anastasia Malkina
Senior Legal Adviser, SberSolutions