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June 24, 2021 SberSolutions (formerly Intercomp) held the second meeting of #CEOSTORIES club in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Ivan Bychkov Director of SberSolutions Branch in Kazakhstan and CIS opened the event.

Natalia Podvoyskaya, CEO of SberSolutions Russia and CIS, moderated the panel discussion. The representatives of Kazakhstani and international companies were among the speakers who discussed the "lessons of the new reality", exchanged insights and practical experience of professional and personal transformation that occurred during the current pandemic. They also shared their experience of how they managed teams and business
processes last year.

Panel discussion speakers:

  • Berik Bitabarov, HR Managing Director, Kazakhtelecom;
  • Angelica Nurseitova, Executive Director for Finance, Ak Niet Group;
  • Zhanna Shigaeva, Head of HR Department, Citibank Kazakhstan;
  • Yulia Kusidi, Executive Director of EUROBAK;
  • Amirkhan Omarov, CEO of Smart Parking Technologie
Natalia Podvoyskaya,
СEO of SberSolutions Russia and CIS:
"It is no coincidence that the panel consists of representatives from various industries, namely international bank, national telecom operator, leading pharmacy chain, business association, and digital startup. As the discussion showed, although different transformation strategies may be used, what helps companies to overcome difficulties is to set up work with employees correctly. Work engagement, motivation issues, and even anti-stress measures are on our agenda today along with performance issues."

On June 17, 2021, SberSolutions launched #CEOSTORIES club for top managers of Russian and international companies for whom the company organizes regular meetings, events, conducts research and shares expertise. A series of #CEOSTORIES events opened in St. Petersburg with top managers actively working in the North-West region among the speakers of the panel discussion. For more information about the first event of the series, please click this link.