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January 27, 2020
Webinar "What Will Change in the Procedure of Taxes Accrual in 2020"
On January 30, 2020 SBER Solutions webinar "What Will Change in the Procedure of Taxes Accrual in 2020" will take place.

During the event an expert of SBER Solutions will speak on what shall be accounted by taxpayers within tax burden planning in the current year.

You can learn more about the program and register for the event here.

  • Digest of basic tax changes in 2020
  • Corporate property tax – 2020: introduction of taxation on cadastral value. How and when you
    can dispute cadastral value (taking into consideration court practice in Moscow)?
  • Tax on self-employed persons: What organisations shall account in case of work with self-
    employed persons?
  • Liability – which changes will be introduced in 2020 (there're set forth large fines for non-
    payment of an environmental fee, whereas fines for documents non-submission according to a
    request of the tax authorities will be also amended).
  • Overpayment on taxes – changes in the procedure of offset and recovery
Webinar Speaker
Veronika Tikhonravova, Senior Lawyer, Center for Expertise and Legal Support Methodology
Please register in advance and send your questions to the speaker to the webinar page.
See you there!