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October 19, 2021

Webinar | General Meeting of Shareholders: Changes in How Resolutions Are Adopted and Charter Revision

Various changes can occur during the operations of a company, and in order to resolve any issues related to the company's activities, it is necessary to hold meetings of shareholders. A charter or Articles of Association are the fundamental foundation documents of companies. They can be considered key regulations, which sometimes require adjustments. Time and additional resources may be wasted if no attention is paid to details during meetings and if the law and required procedures are neglected.

On October 19, 2021 our experts described in detail how the decisions of company owners should be formalized to avoid rejection of change registration, invalidation of decisions and not waste time on the reissuance of documents.

During the webinar, our experts reviewed in detail:
  • Cases where LLC/sole shareholder resolutions adopted at general
    meetings must be notarized;
  • Ways other than notarization to confirm the adoption of resolutions and shareholders in attendance at LLC general meetings for adoption of resolutions;
  • Charter revision. What should be changed in a charter when it is updated.
Dalia Demina
Head of Legal Practice St. Petersburg, SberSolutions
Olga Aksenovich
Senior Associate, SberSolutions