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June 7, 2022

SberSolutions Talked About Effective Business Management in the New Conditions at a Business Breakfast in Kazan

June 07, 2022, Kazan – SberSolutions and the Branch "Bank Tatarstan" of Volga-Vyatka Bank PJSC Sberbank held a conference for top managers of medium and large businesses in Tatarstan "Effective Business Management in the New Conditions: Topical Issues". The event was held in the format of a business breakfast on June 7, 2022 at the Sber office in Kazan.

The speakers focused on such issues as new approaches to doing business, searching for the most effective tools for optimizing company resources, tools for digitalizing the HR function. Besides that, the experts gave explanations and recommendations on the application of new legislative changes, as well as shared the practical experience of market leaders from using new HR solutions.

The speakers of the event: Stanislav Nefedov, CEO of SberSolutions, Rushan Sakhbiev, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of the Branch "Bank Tatarstan" of Volga-Vyatka Bank PJSC Sberbank, Ivan Bychkov, Advisor to the CEO of SberSolutions and Ivan Katyshev, Head of Tax and Legal Practice of SberSolutions.
Stanislav Nefedov
CEO of SberSolutions
"Tatarstan is one of the leaders among the regions of the Russian Federation in terms of economic development. There is an active business in Kazan that we want to support. Our key task is to provide companies with the most up-to-date information on how to adapt to the current changes and act according to the new rules. Besides that, we will talk more specifically about the digitalization of business, including from the point of view of simplifying HR processes and introducing HR electronic document flow".
Rushan Sakhbiev
Branch Manager of "Bank Tatarstan", PJSC Sberbank
"Today, SberSolutions offers clients a wide range of financial and HR outsourcing services using high-tech portal services. All this allows Tatarstan companies and enterprises to use reliable services for effective business development".
SberSolutions (formerly Intercomp) is the leader* in the business process outsourcing and financial consulting in Russia and the CIS. For 27 years, the company has been working with the largest Russian and international organisations in all sectors of the economy, more than 20 thousand entrepreneurs use the services of SberSolutions for small businesses. The company provides services in the field of accounting and reporting, HR and change management, legal and tax services, consulting to improve operational efficiency, outsourcing of back office functions, technology solutions, IT consulting, as well as services in the field of security and business continuity. It is a partner of the global leader in the business process outsourcing. SberSolutions is a part of the Sber ecosystem.

*Based on the results of the RAEX ranking for 2021

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