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December 11, 2019

Sberbank to help Ulyanovsk Oblast by developing and implementing business process outsourcing

December 11, 2019, Moscow – Sberbank is to help Ulyanovsk Oblast by developing and implementing business process outsourcing – primarily accounting outsourcing – in institutions, organizations, public and local authorities in the region.
As part of the 100 Steps to a Favorable Investment Climate conference, a quadripartite agreement was signed yesterday between Ulyanovsk Oblast Government, Regional Development Corporation, Sberbank and SBER Solutions to improve the performance of administrative processes and introduce digital services in Ulyanovsk Oblast as well as optimize business processes. The parties expressed their intention to launch a number of projects in 2020 allowing for effective collaboration in these areas of cooperation.

This agreement was signed by Ulyanovsk Oblast Governor Sergey Morozov, CEO of Regional Development Corporation Sergey Vasin, Manager of Sberbank Branch in Ulyanovsk Alla Gladkova and CEO of SBER Solutions (Intercomp part of Sberbank Ecosystem) Natalya Podvoyskaya.
Sergey Morozov, Governor of Ulyanovsk Oblast:

"Sberbank is today one of the leading companies introducing "smart technologies." We decided to conduct a digital inventory together with Sberbank. We need to find new areas of common interest with the bank, so we have agreed to set up a joint office for digital solutions."
Alla Gladkova, Manager of Sberbank Branch in Ulyanovsk:

"Business process outsourcing is one of Sberbank Ecosystem's strategic directions. Our goal is to provide bank customers with the opportunity to get comprehensive offers for both banking and non-banking services. This allows them to develop more efficiently, focusing on business solutions rather than being distracted by supporting business processes."
Sergey Vasin, CEO of Regional Development Corporation:

"We provide support for an investment project that will create about 300 new jobs in the region, mostly accountants as well as a small number of IT specialists."