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November 8, 2019

SBER Solutions at Green Day

Moscow, November 08, 2019 – SBER Solutions took part for the first time in Green Day, an event held by Sberbank from November 11 to November 17, 2019. Banking and non-banking products of Sberbank and its partners were offered with special conditions and great discounts at the event which was held to coincide with the 178th anniversary of the bank.
Over 10,000 offers from the bank, ecosystem companies and more than 150 partners from various industries were made this year at Green Day. Sberbank Ecosystem's companies were for the first time largely represented at the event.
SBER Solutions offered great deals and discounts for its clients, including preferential terms for remote accounting services, discounts on services for medium-sized businesses, as well as free legal and tax advice.

In particular, when purchasing remote accounting services at Mini, Start, Start+, and My Office rates for 3 months, one month is free. SBER Solutions also offers a discount of RUB 17,800 upon conclusion of an agreement worth RUB 200,000, and clients also get free tax and legal advice.