Sbers Solutions is Russia’s largest provider of outsourcing services in the field of accounting, HR management, legal and IT consulting. We are a collaborative team of more than 1 500 specialists working in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ryazan, Nizhny Novgorod, as well as Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Ukraine.
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The company started as a pioneer of accounts outsourcing in Russia 25 years ago. We’ve maintained the leading position and have been setting standards for the entire industry ever since — with a clear vision, the best people, well-established working methods, curiosity and constant desire to improve.

Advantages of working at Sber Solutions:

It’s interesting. Sber Solutions works with international enterprises and world-known brands: over 1 000 client companies with up to 14 000 employees representing 30 business sectors in 20 different countries. Our specialists get to work on some of the most challenging projects, gaining valuable experience and opportunities to evolve.
It’s ambitious. Professional development never stops at Sber Solutions. We conduct between 7 000 and 12 000 training sessions per year, and monitor all changes in legislation, standards and international practice. In 2013 our company has introduced fully paid Corporate University programs to increase professional competence and personal effectiveness of its employees. The company has also adopted the “personnel reserve” concept which gives priority to internal candidates for vacant positions.
It’s rewarding. On top of the pay, Sber Solutions offers optional medical insurance, paid mobile phone and lunches, as well as rewarding bonus system. We assess the personal contribution of each team member using the KPI system, conduct annual evaluation of their work and plan a career path for each employee.
It’s rational. Over the years, we have developed effective coaching techniques and tools to help you understand the essence of the task and execute it well. Sber Solutions employees are never left to deal with challenges or overwhelming deadlines alone.

It’s balanced. We recognize the importance of personal and professional balance. Sber Solutions policies ensure an individual approach to working time. Holidays, weddings and maternity leaves are sacred, the team will always miss you and look forward to your return!

It’s fun! Sber Solutions has designed employee integration programs to guide newcomers through the process of joining a new team, which can be a stressful time. Employees always receive timely help and support from our corporate mentors and training specialists. We celebrate every victory together and award the winners. Made possible by outstanding efforts from the HR department, our corporate parties are the most bright, carefree and memorable events. We’re as good at having fun as we are at working hard! 

Sber Solutions values every member of staff and their contribution to the company and makes every effort to build an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect. Senior management is always approachable and responsive to new ideas. Together, we are dedicated to improving the quality of our work and well-being.

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