About company

  • 1000+ CLIENTS

Data security

We guarantee the security of client data and service quality under ISO 27001 and SSAE18 standards. Thanks to our automated internal and external processes, we always complete client assignments flawlessly and in due time and perform all operations in compliance with the requirements of Russian law.

Comprehensive client support

Clients can get in touch with us through a call center, enterprise portal, client support managers or directly to the company’s top management via a hotline.

Reliable team

Sber Solutions employ certified expert methodologists, accountants, auditors and project managers, and its corporate university conducts from 7,000 to 12,000 training sessions per year. Sber Solutions employees attend internal and external training courses, roundtables and webinars.

Outstanding quality

Sber Solutions processes meet ISO 9001:2015 international standards for quality management.

Multilevel control system

At Sber Solutions, employees monitor data, methodologists monitor processes, and management go over any irregularities.

Responsibility to client

Sber Solutions bears financial responsibility for service quality. Professional risks are insured by a European insurance company for RUB 180,000,000.


Free up our customer's time in order to achieve their most ambitious goals by offering them flawless accounting and HR outsourcing services.


Maintain the reputation of the leading Russian outsourcing provider. Define industry standards and set the direction of the process of business outsourcing in Russia and the CIS.

In 1994, we became the first company in Russia to offer financial outsourcing to foreign companies operating in Russia, and since then companies such as Nike, Cisco, Indesit, Kimberly-Clark, Novartis, etc. have joined the ranks of our clients currently consisting of more than 1000 organizations. 

Today, we cooperate with companies from 20 countries employing from 1 to 14,000 people, and all 1500 professionals working at Sber Solutions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, Kiev, Almaty, Astana and Baku support our clients’ business in any time zones.

RAEX (RA Expert), the largest international rating agency in Russia, ranks Sber Solutions (The group of companies Intercomp) first in lists of top companies providing accounting outsourcing in 2016. To keep our leading position and set industry standards, we train our staff regularly (we hold from 7,000 to 12,000 training courses every year), monitor legislative changes (we have set up a special department to fulfill this function), launch new products and services (cloud services and automated solutions), improve our methodology and get audited by European audit firms every year.


The values of our company


Sber Solutions' main target is a continuous relationship with every customer. We are proud that our key customers have been with us for more than 20 years. We focus on building new customer relations on a long-term basis and achieving new results together.


Employees are the most valuable asset of Sber Solutions. We constantly devote time to developing and enhancing their professionalism. We also aim to create a special atmosphere that will help unlock their potential. All together, we aim to do an excellent job every day and surpass our customer's expectations.


Exceptional quality is our key commitment. To meet these high requirements, Sber Solutions' team offers new solutions and improves service models.


A solid background in accounting and HR outsourcing has enabled us to form a particular service methodology of accounting and HR outsourcing. This vast expertise is the basis of our numerous business processes optimization projects for international and Russian customers.